About Dilleo22

A native of Garland, Nebraska, I grew up surrounded by the endless beauty of an area known as the “Bohemian Alps.” Wanting to share my love for the landscapes and wildlife found in these magnificent rolling hills and stately oak tree forests, I turned to photography to capture the images of nature around me. As a conservation photographer, I aspire to create beautiful and meaningful photographs, which express my deep feelings about my subject matter, and in turn, create those feelings in the viewer. My goal is to encourage others to take the time to explore the beauty around them and to understand the importance of preserving and protecting the land and the creatures who call it home.

Throughout my journey as a self-taught photographer, I have been greatly influenced by the work, philosophies, and dedication of others, especially conservation photographer Michael Forsberg, and thank him for sharing his wisdom and encouragement. My work has been featured in NEBRASKAland Magazine, on nature websites, in local and regional photography contests, and has been on exhibition in Lincoln, Nebraska.